UX VS UI Friend or Foe!!!

  • 8 June, 2020
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First of all, let me welcome you in the world of design; where creativity duels with the mind. Every artist put on a fight, how the concept going to work for hand on hand with the design. Some votes for the aesthetic beauty or some take a side with the functionality and user-friendliness. And the fights going on and on.

But a professional always knows how to blend those things on a single entity. And believe me, friends, that professionalism comes with lots of patience, knowledge, practice, and experiences. That’s how one chooses a path of becoming a User Experience or User Interface Designer.

ux & ui design

Well, are these two terms familiar with you? If not no need to worry after reading the article you not only know them but I hope you will be eager to use them.

So, in the beginning, let’s chat about user experience.

User Experience (UX) the Definition

User experience involves all forms of experience of an end-user with the product, its services, and the business itself. The term is the brainchild of a Cognitive Scientist & User Experience Architect Don Norman. He introduces this design term in the year 1990.

ux designer catalyst

To understand the basics or working with any products UX Design you need to ask yourself these questions-

  • Is the product easy to navigate?
  • Can you find all the information you need?
  • Is the product and its related info being enough to satisfy the clients?

Remember the goal of user experience is to shape the design of every element that can influence the final user and satisfy their needs. It goals to create the product and its feature relevant, logical, and pleasurable to use. For instance, how convenient is the payment system when shopping online? How quick is it for you to get hold of the vegetable slicer? Is your mobile banking app making it easy for you to manage your money? The ultimate aim of UX design is to create user-friendly, effective, meaningful, and all-around user-friendly experiences.

User Interface (UI) the definition

User Interface involves the visuals or aesthesis of a design that can be presented by a visualizer in graphic form. UI works as a package deal or compliment of a product that involves the look, the feel, the presentation, or the interaction of the product.  Many people have misconceptions about it as only graphic design. But let me clear you a User Interface can be graphic design, brand design, or even it comes in a form of front-end development.

Apart from UX, the design of the user interface is a purely digital concept. The user interface is the contact point between the user and the electronic gadget or product — like the touchscreen on your device or the touchscreen that you use to pick the type of coffee you need from the coffee machine. UI concept considers the look, feel, and interactivity of the product in relation to websites and apps. A UI designer generally thinks about icons and buttons, typography and color scheme, space, imagery, and responsive design.


ux vs ui

The main difference between UX & UI

  • UX design is all about finding and addressing user issues; UI design is all about designing elegant, aesthetically pleasing, interactive interfaces.
  • UX architecture typically comes first in the process of product creation, followed by UI. The UX designer maps the bare bones of the user ‘s journey; the UI designer then fills it with a visual and interactive element
  • UX can refer to any form of product, service, or experience; the UI is unique to digital products and experience.

User Experience (UX) components followed in IT:

In the field of IT, software development and web designing experts always express about UX using the following terms:

  • User-Based Design
  • User Interface (UI) or Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Usability
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics
  • Interaction between humans and computers

It is wrong to assume that user experience is just one of the things mentioned above. In reality, the ISO definition of user experience notes that user experience “is associated with all aspects of customer interaction when dealing with a product, service, atmosphere, or facility.” As a consequence, the user experience contains all of these. This also implies that the user experience is not the same as compatibility.

Those who are best in the industry are always ready to take proactive measures. The goal is simple to comply with a tech solution that includes need, preference, behavior, aspiration, and thought process of the end-users. According to those decisions, one can adjust their business policy and infrastructure to improve the UX experience that they decide to offer.

ui vs ux element

Elements Involved in UX Design

  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Typography
  • User Interface
  • Content Strategy
  • Interaction design

Follow these UX features for great Product Design page

  1. Give adequate Product Description
  2. Engage with lucrative pictures
  3. Try to give explainer videos
  4. Choose attractive colors
  5. Link physical stores
  6. Attach testimonials
  7. Offer supplementary and alternate goods
  8. Get feedback and improve

Want some pro tips of UI trendy staffs:

  1. Use Full Screen Background Image
  2. Try to put multifunction interactive layers
  3. Use customized digital illustration
  4. Design such a character who has a story to tell
  5. Use split-screen mode
  6. Use Bold Typography
  7. Use stylish UI which are buttonless
  8. Try to use bold vibrant colors
  9. Use animation interface for more engagement
  10. For attractive landing page use hero image
  11. Use poster-style pages
  12. Get experienced with palettes and layouts
  13. Personalize your user experience
  14. Use HQ photo content

Why Should You Care about UX?

When you’re running a company, somebody’s entire experience with your product or service could make a really good difference about whether they’re going to purchase it or, more importantly, whether they’re coming back to buy it again or looking for something else next time.

If your company requires or relies on a website – and most companies will at least have a web presence in order to remain competitive – then the user experience on your website can play a critical role in attracting and retaining your customer base. And for most potential customers, you’re only given one chance to ‘get it right. Most visitors determine within seconds whether to linger on your site or click the ‘back’ button to try something better. The stakes are extremely high, then. So, for your own survival, you need to step on it.

That’s all for today folks. Be alert and live on to fulfill your desired dream.

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