Sales Page Vs Landing Page- The Business Guide
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Sales Page Vs Landing Page- The Business Guide

If you know about the sales page and its usefulness to your business product page for a visitor from social media, you might have also come across the term landing page. While these are standard terms for businesses whose sales funnel growth depends on online content, not many know the differences between sales page vs landing page. 

Well, a landing page refers to a short-term splash page that aims to increase the traffic for a business page. On the other hand, sales pages are long-term variants of the landing page, which is responsible for increasing the monetary conversions for a business.

The thing is that both of these pages are significantly important for any business. However, not many people even know how to work with them. Well, fret not! In this article, we will cover everything you need to know regarding the two.   

Sales Page Vs Landing Page (Explained)

We have already mentioned it before; however, sales pages are the same as landing pages. If we consider them part of a more extensive set, then the sales page would be a smaller subset within the larger landing page set.

Whether you will go for the sales page or landing page will depend on your final goal. Of course, the fact that you will be forming the landing page or sales page depends on the Google Analytics of your business irrespective of Facebook ads and conversion goal for a potential customer. 

Sales Page Goals:

  • To allow people to buy share units in your workshop
  • Subscribe to your content
  • Invest in offers that you will send them
  • Purchase products online via your page
  • Offer customers alternative products to products sold by your competitor

Landing Page Goals:

  • Offer advice to your readers
  • Free after-sale service for returning customers
  • Allow customers to take part in events of challenges by taking their email addresses via a landing page template that targets audience email list.
  • Feature new items that will be coming on sale soon.
  • Download a free newsletter or catalogs of your business. 

Long Form Sales Vs Short Form Sales Page

If you intend to work with a sales page and personalized landing pages, you also need to be familiar with the terms long and short form sales page. As the term suggests, these two types of sales pages serve different benefits depending on the business ideals and value proposition. 

Both of these sales pages have their benefits. However, do note that they cannot be used for all businesses. For instance, a long-form sales page is ideal for complex and high-cost products or services in a blog post or paid ad post that uses Google AdWords. 

On the other hand, the opposite is true for short-form sales pages where the products or services the business offer are simple and do not require high investments.

Benefits Of Long Form Sales Pages:

  • Drive deep into your product and show the benefits customers can receive when they buy your product.
  • Attract new readers and build a strong relationship with them by addressing them directly. 

Benefits Of Short Form Sales Page:  

  • Provide a concise overview of a product so that readers can get a quick idea as they are on the go.
  • Tell the readers about the importance of your product so that they can recommend it to their friends and relatives. 

Different types of Landing Pages

Like the sales pages, there are also multiple types of landing pages that you can choose to establish for visitors’ attention depending on your business’s marketing funnel and goal. 

Below we have compiled three of the most crucial landing pages. Almost all businesses use them, so they have very significant importance in the web designing and content writing world. 

Click-Through Landing Page

The first between the two is the click-through landing page. This is the warming up page for customers that acts to transition from any other pages to the sales page. It is responsible for providing discount links or URLs to special offers. 

Their goal is to make the readers interested in looking for the product and even buying it. If the click-through page contains too much information, readers might feel disinterested. 

Lead Generation Landing Page

Lead generation landing page refers to those landing pages that your business will use to track potential customers who come to visit your site. This mechanism is called lead magnet or gated content via cta button and email marketing.   

Besides keeping track of the prospects, if you own a record of the reader’s contact email, you can send them newsletters, attractive offers, seasonal discounts, and the best benefits that your business products or service can offer. 


You can think of microsites as miniature websites within your website. These are optional for a business and can differ between pages depending on what data the second website will link to.

Microsites consist of a single page in most cases. They are responsible for providing highly immersive descriptive information on specific services or products so that the prospective customers can be won over and finally converted to buyers. 

Are Landing Pages The Same As Homepages?

Most people often think that landing pages are the same as homepages. Well, they are not wrong in thinking like that since landing pages can indeed be home pages. 

Many businesses use their homepages as landing pages. However, you should know that using this setting is not a viable option. This could restrict many prospects and improvements that you could give to your website in the long run. 

This is especially where certain landing page optimization that caters to aftersale services for a site visitor in the web page or Facebook group for a specific product, that might otherwise be restricted. As a result, first-time readers might be misled to several restricted zones if you use the same landing page as a home page.  

What Are The Key Elements Of A Sales Page?

If you want to boost your brand sales, sales pages can help you achieve that extra mile that you might otherwise be missing. 

You might want to take care of several critical points when making the sales pages. Regardless of what product you sell or what service you provide, the key elements of a sales page will be the same. 

Below, we have compiled four of the more important key elements that you might want to understand before creating a sales page. 

Strong Headline

The headline carries most of the importance of the sale page. An attractive headline that takes a perceptive message could win a customer over even before the readers read the entire content. 

A strong headline gives the reader an excellent first impression. Its goal is to act as a clickbait so that readers can feel attracted to the title and then click on it to keep reading for more. 

Pain Point

If you are done with creating a robust and compelling heading, you must take care of the following element: the pain points. How exactly you will execute the pain point is determined by whether you choose to make a short form or long-form sales page.

Short-form sales page pain points emphasize on tag lines and subheadings. On the other hand, long-form sales page pain points emphasize snippets or short intros. 


The third and most crucial element that you must mention extensively within the article is the benefits that the readers will receive from your business once they become a customer. 

For example, if you have an online teaching program, you must state how exactly the teachers will be teaching the student and how long typical students take to finish the course. 


Statistical data includes analytics, charts, etc., that could be used to strengthen your claim further. Adding extra statistics makes your sales page more credible and makes your business seem more legal and trustworthy.

FAQs On Sales Page Vs Landing Page

What is A/B testing in Sales and Landing Pages?

AB testing refers to comparing two of the same content written using different styles and minor variations while the data included inside are the same. AB test is a form of social proof for successful customer conversion whether from Google ad digital marketing or online store marketing campaign.

How Many Words Should A Sales Page Be?

The number of pages allowed within a sales page entirely depends on you and the overall website. However, it is typically around 2500-5000 words. 

How Many Words Should Be In A Good Landing Page?

The number of words on a landing page is always much lower than the number of words on a sales page irrespective of whether you are using multiple landing pages or related posts in the product pages for marketing automation. A length of 500 words is decent for a sales page of 2500 words.

How Many Types Of Landing Pages Are there?

While we have mentioned only three of the most crucial landing page types, there are actually 8 different types of landing pages in total.  

Final Words

Between the two sales page vs landing page, both are equally important for a business with a significant sale from its online website. 

So if you want to create a website or domain for your business, get started on these two pages. The profits will amass with a decent sales and landing page before you know it!

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