Is UX Dying?- Here’s What You Need To Know
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Is UX Dying?- Here’s What You Need To Know

With more technological improvements, the way they are being implemented globally is also being changed. While there is a rise in new career opportunities, older ones like UX are starting to fade into the chasm.

So, is ux dying real news? We wish to tell you how this formerly popular career is still as in-demand as it has been in the past. Unfortunately, UX design is dying! UX is a career that has turned into a fatality after showing years of promise.

By now, you might be curious to know why UX has fallen to its current state. Well, you are in the right place to get your answer. So keep on reading before you make any major career decisions!

Is The Need For UX Designs Going Out Of Practice?   

You might be thinking that since UX careers are out of demand, the need for UX designs must also be out. However, you’re mistaken about this misconception. 

In a nutshell, UX designs are not going out of context. They are still in demand as much as they were in the past-however, the way they are being designed and used to have changed entirely along with the times. 

In the past, people made UX designs manually with the help of their computers. Nowadays, preset design software making use of automated AI is used instead. 

Since there is no need for hiring more people for the same tedious task, companies employ a single person to use automated software to complete the UX designs for a webpage. 

Is UX Dying, Or Is It Dead Already?

Most professional UX designers will often complain that UX is a dead career. However, this is only an exaggeration. UX designing might be on its way to becoming extinct. However, it is far from over. 

In addition, while UX is dying, it will not die out completely. We might be using automated software for UX; however, human specialists are still required for using this software. 

While there isn’t much demand for this profession, it is far from dying out. The fact is that the profession doesn’t have much demand and is dying, but his role will remain for a select few.

Is It Still Worth Pursuing UX Design As A Career?

UX designing used to play a crucial role in the web designing industry. Their job was to work with system navigation and make it convenient for customers. Of course, there is more to it, but it can be simplified to this single line. 

However, with the advancement in computer technology, the demand for this role has strikingly decreased. In addition, with the COVID situation, more and more companies are starting to use automated AI instead of human designers. 

In a survey, it has been revealed that there has been a decrease in more than 70 percent of UX designing professionals since the COVID. 

So if you are thinking of pursuing UX design as a career, our advice would be to think twice since there isn’t much work to be found for this career option.

Trend On UX For The Future

With how fast the world is changing, it is pretty evident that UX design will change even more than how much it has changed currently from a decade ago. So what do you think will happen to UX by the end of 2022 or even beyond the years?

Below, we have compiled some of the most common and outrageous ideas that we believe are future UX trends. Of course, these are only hypotheses and might end up being fictional.  

Use Of Motion Design And Gestural Interfaces Might Increase

Gesture interfaces are an insightful technology that is becoming insanely popular. It is believed that motion designs without any contact will replace traditional interfaces that rely on friction from the contact with a screen.

Designers Will Become More Specialised

Currently, UX designing isn’t a specialized profession. A single designer is responsible for all sorts of systems and implementation. With the increase in more systems, it is believed that the profession might become more specialized.

Vr/Ar Will Have Its Own Ux Designs

While VR and AR are futuristic technologies, they have no navigation mechanisms. It can be predicted that these technologies will have their own UX designs that customers will use to navigate conveniently.

Voice Commands Will Be A Part Of The UX

Just like motion gestures, voice commands will replace friction mechanisms that require contact with the device’s screen. There are already specific UX designs that use voice technologies (like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant). They will become even more popular.

What Opportunity Does UX Still Offer?

While UX is dying, it is by no means dead. There are still specific jobs that are in-demand for UX designers. A certain level of research is required before the designer can complete the project, so there are still some high-paid jobs for UX designers.

Below we have listed some of the most fortuitous opportunities or jobs that a UX designer can work on:

  • Field Studies
  • Qualitative Usability Tests
  • Designing Visuals
  • Constructing User Interfaces
  • Surveys
  • Prototyping And Wireframing

Design Jobs That Might Not Exist In The Future

We have already mentioned UX. However, UX isn’t the only job on its path to extinction. There are plenty of other design jobs in the red zone. Below, we have listed some of these once pretty popular jobs yet aren’t in demand as in the past.

  • Visual Designers that are responsible for the way that app looks like
  • Design UX Researcher works with another product designer to provide UX research on historically used product design.
  • Traditional Industrial Researchers or product deisgners who work with the ‘industrial’ aspect of design.
  • Planners or UI producer who plans what sort of design is best for a particular situation or app,
  • Artists who draw certain parts of the designed logo or app.

Design Jobs That Will Reach Greater Heights In The Future

Like how some jobs are dying out, several other designing occupation options are rising in demand. Some of these designing jobs that will have significant growth have been compiled in the list below:

  • Virtual Interaction Designers(VI designers) who work with Virtual Reality. 
  • Specialist Material Designers who work in different types of materials with different textures. 
  • AI Design Specialists who work with AI algorithms. 
  • Design Strategist who plans out specific large-scale designing and user research jobs for other specialists. 
  • Freelance UX professionals who are outsourced to work for a design skill or user centered design.

How To Build A Strong UX Portfolio?

We have already mentioned how disadvantageous a career choice UX is right now. However, if you are still adamant about this profession, the first thing that you will need to get a good job is a decent portfolio. 

Your portfolio is representative of your artworks that your potential employers will use to judge you. An ideal UX portfolio should include the following:

Sample project

Mention a specific project or art you and your ux team might have worked on. Include your roles and responsibilities as a member of the team. 


Include your thinking process and how you have solved any design thinking problems you could have found while working on the project.


Although this is not mandatory, it is a good idea you can mention any insights or analytics regarding interaction design you have received while working on the sample project.

Process and Methodology

Include the process and related reading you have taken to complete the project and some methods you used to tackle certain complicated parts of the project.

Final Product

Please include details of the launch and how it impacted other people. Mention whether you have made any reflections on poor ux visual design in the design system.

FAQs On “Is UX Dying”

Is UX Design Oversaturated?

Yes, UX career has indeed become oversaturated with time. More websites and mobile app use the same type of graphic design instead of having unique individual designs that explain their business to the best of their abilities.

Is It Hard To Get A UX Job?

With how the career is fading slowly, it is indeed hard to get a job as a UX designer unless you are a senior UX designer in the design teams. This is even more applicable when you do not have the right experience. Give your portfolio some time and effort if you want to land yourself a decent job.

Is Learning UX stressful?

That actually depends on you and how you are learning to design. In addition, it also depends on how well you are transitioning from other backgrounds, whether it is design or development. However, in a nutshell, learning UX can be stressful for everyone up to a certain extent. 

What Is UI Design?

UI design is a small part of UX design that a developer deals with regarding the user interface and user needs that other people use to navigate through a system, appliance, apps, tool or program. The easier the user experience, the better the software or appliance is.

Final Words

Is UX dying? Yes, it is. The UX profession used to be a promising career to get into. However, it has been left to die out in the information age where everything including web design and ux work runs on Artificial Intelligence. 

If you are thinking of getting into this career, it is better to keep it as a secondary choice and choose other user interface design options for a primary profession. It would be helpful later on if you cannot get a job in UX.  

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