How To Find The Publisher Of A Website? – 7 Different Ways
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How To Find The Publisher Of A Website? – 7 Different Ways

The website serves as the digital image of the brand or the service. Therefore, the company lays great emphasis on website development.

The website contains all the necessary information regarding the publishing date, publisher’s name, and much more.

How to find the publisher of a website in different ways?

Well, there are many ways through which we can easily find the author’s name for various purposes. However, the easiest is through the About Us section, which mainly provides all the relevant information. If you do not find the information through the website, then some tools can assist you in the process.

This article will give you complete information regarding the procedure to find the author’s name in several ways.

How To Find The Publisher Of A Website In Different Ways?

The website acts as the company’s digital face and holds all the crucial information regarding the company. 

It has all the information regarding the authors’ name, publisher details, domain name, website name, publisher information, copyright information, and more.

You may find the name of the website publisher in the most likely the following areas or ways:


Every blog has a title if we talk about the articles posted on the website. Mostly, beneath the title of the article or the blog post is the name of the website owner.

Web Page

The individual web page of a blog post can also lead you to the website to which the web page belongs. 

You can easily find website author information from the website by browsing the website name in the browser.

About Us 

The About us column mostly has all the essential information regarding the company. 

However, the user-friendly and reputable website has the author bio at the end of the featured article.

About us will give you all the information about the website publisher or the publication date of the website. 

Contact Us 

The contact us page has all the contact information through which you can access website information. 

You may email, contact or message the company to find out about the author’s details or any other necessary details.

Whois Tool

The Whois tool is the best, with most websites or domains registered on the Whois.

To find the website owner from the Whois tool, browse and use Whois, and in the Whois lookup, you can type in the website’s domain name. 

Click LOOKUP, and you will find all the essential information about a particular website.

Social Media

The website may have links to the social media handles. 

You may click on the social media links to access the essential information. 

Or you may search the website domain on Google and browse to find out about the organization’s social media pages.


The copyright information specifies that all the website information has reserved rights by the owner or the organization. 

Hence the copyright information can essentially tell you about the website’s author.

You can also check this video to learn more.

Why Do People Search For The Name Of The Author Of  The Website?

All the information or the articles published over the internet must have copyrights. The author or the owner of the writer holds the copyright of every word on the website. 

However, why do people need to find the name of the author? There could be many reasons to find out about the author. Let us discuss some of these reasons in detail:


If any website has any of the copied info from your website, then you should know the author’s name. 

While reporting the website’s author, it is essential to provide all necessary details.

Educational Purpose

Many people wish to copy the information from any particular website while preparing for their thesis or any reports. 

In such a case, they should know the publisher’s name to ask for permission by contacting them. Sometimes finding the name of the author is for reference purposes.

Trade Prospects

If someone wishes to connect with the purpose of trade, they try to find out about the publisher. 

Therefore, it is significant to know the publisher’s name for the exchange of ideas or communication purposes.

How Can The Author’s Name And User Id Be Found On The WordPress Website?

If you wish to find out the author’s name and the other copyright information on the WordPress website (refer to Professional WordPress).

How to find the publisher of a website? You need to follow these steps:

  • You need to log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • From the options on the left side of your screen, Select the All users option.
  • You should Sign in as an Administrator.
  • All users will guide you to various user ids and other relevant information, such as the posts.
  • You can see the author details in the address bar when you click on the post option.

Some Extra Information

Is It Rightful To Include The Information From The Open Access Journal?

Yes, it is legal and allowed to include the information from the open access. 

Open access intends to share the info conveniently for a website or other purposes. 

Hence using open-access information does not pose any copyright issues for your post or legal pages.

What Does The Modern Language Association (MLA Format) Tell About The Author?

The Modern Language Association or MLA format gives you some vital information. 

The author provides critical information at the base of the blog post or the web page. 

Thus, the MLA format also gives you the article’s date published on the web page.

Do Publishers Weekly Give Accurate Information?

The publisher’s New York weekly is the magazine, and the purpose of its publication is to give the complete and latest information. 

All the information in the magazine has its rights secured. You can access the information on various topics quickly, and the knowledge is extensive. 

The publishing is based on a wide range of researcher data from a comprehensive database.

How Do The Cookies Enhance Functionality?

The cookies make website use better. The primary purpose of the cookies is better interaction and relevant adverts.

The cookies offer enhanced functionality, which means helping in moving all along the different pages of the website. 

The cookies also improve user experience by linking old and new pages.

Finally, Finding The Publisher Of The Website In Different Ways

It could be possible to find the publisher’s name of the website for various reasons, such as for report writing, business deals, or thesis writing. 

But sometimes, the author name of the website or any article is not easy to find.

How to find the publisher of a website? There are many ways by which you can easily find the publisher’s name very quickly. 

However, in case you can not find the author’s name on the website, you may use some tools like Whois.

More online tools might help you in this process, but so far, Whois is the best known.

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